What is ASPIRE 25

Thanal Serve India:Aspire flagship programme select drop out children’s from our field states with consent. Our micro learning schools conduct class to them with their respective state syllabus. We have highly trained teachers to build psychosocial impact along with academic excellence. Through this we equip and motivate children to learn and unlearn and then reach to their potential. Upon achieving his or her learning targets, the children will be then sent back to state school to his or her respective classes.

We are thus an intermediaire between drop out children and state school. We are thus skill developers . We are thus educators. We are thus promoters of back to school concept. We are thus aiming to educate and empower every rural child. We are assisting every rural village to improve their literacy and resilience. For this we are building a chain of micro learning schools in every village.

Our current project fieldwork locations

1. Delhi - Okhla & Shiv Vihar
2. Andhra Pradesh - Mannasamudram, Yanadhi Colony & Chandragiri
3. Karnataka - Avalahalli Slum
4. West Bengal - Murshidabad- MLC 1 : master para, MLC 2 : chadhohara para (uthar para) & MLC 3 : Ahiron math para
5. Bihar - Lakhna, Kareem Nagar, Dubaily, Garhara & Bakheria
7. Assam- a)Two centers in Nalbari District : Kaplabari (west kajashashar) & Bhelakhaity Char (Island). B) Two centers in Guwahati: Shijubari Notboma slam area & Sundarban Nagar Slam area.


How We Do

For a better project implementation, we have appointed in every identified state a State Coordinator and an Assistant-Coordinator who will organize, manage, and supervise the project in identifying the aspiring villages and communities. We believe that an everlasting bonding should be built with the local people to run our project to help children in the teaching learning process. There will be teachers and assistant teachers appointed by us who act not only as an instructor but as mentor for the children throughout their studies and building a gradual behavioral change. For this, we are planning to set up spaces as Micro Level Learning Centers (MLC) where these dynamics will take place. And it will be the community who will have a greater share in the management of the centers instilling in them a sense of ownership and pride.

Our Vision:

Is a future generation of progressive and sustainable leaders from marginal sections in India, where no individual is held back from reaching to their fullest potential because of any cultural, financial, and social constraints

Our Mission:

Is to educate children and young adults from the dispossessed and deprived sections of the society by eliminating the knowledge inequality persistent among them and bring up the best minds from them who would eventually lead in creating a sustainable progress for their community’s prosperity.

Why We Do

There has been a numerous studies highlighting the growing number of dropout children from the rural and urban school environs, given the present situation this trend is bound to rise in an unimaginable space and magnitude hurting the chances of our future. Our present situation is in such an alarming condition that more than 62% of the drop out in education happens in the schooling years nearly 1 in 4 people below the age of 14 years, stands at an inflection point of a potential drop out.
Along with this among those who attend the schools, more than 50% of students in Class 5 cannot read a text of class 2 or solve a simple subtraction problem lacking the basic literacy and numeracy in the majority of our rural schools. The socio-economic circumstances that a child is born into is what sadly determines the type of school she/he attends, the co-curricular opportunities that are available to her, the quality of life outcomes she/he attains as an adult, and the kinds of opportunities she passes on to her own children. It is this unjust and cruel circle we need to break.
We here at ASPIRE’25 envision and are striving towards an education overhaul in the resource starved interior rural areas of northern, southern and northeastern parts of India with an objective of imparting the quality education for all those deserving children, we work on the philosophy that no children should be left out of their education in schooling years due to any socioeconomic and cultural reasons. Along with that we are in the constant contemplation of devising new teaching learning methodologies and tested pedagogy best suited for our target audience in the ways most feasible. Serve India ASPIRE’25 project upholds a sublime purpose that no promising child should go underrepresented owing merely to the harsh reality of absence from the active learning years.
Our reimagined vigor and philosophy is on par with the progressive and egalitarian ethos of our great nation in the realization of an active participation and an ever binding responsibility from every citizen in the making of a collective and shared vision of an equal, just and equitable world.

Our Locations

  • Haryana


  • Delhi


  • Assam


  • bengal


  • Bihar


  • Jharkhand


  • Andhra Pradesh

    Andhra Pradesh

  • Karnataka


Head Office

Daya Rehabilitation Trust Thanal,
Thazhe Angadi,Beach Road, Vatakara,
Kerala, India , PIN: 673103